Mum – Sing Along to Songs You Don’t Know (2009)

Review: The cute and cryptic Icelandic múm ditches most of the electronic blips and glitches and goes for a more organic sound. “Sing Along” is the strongest track on the album.

Download the album here.


Holy Fuck – Latin [2010]

Boybands are dead, LONG LIVE CAT BANDS.

Download it here.

Plants and Animals – Parc Avenue (2008)

Review: Uber canadian indie-rock. Music video says all.

Download the album here.

Mumm-Ra – These Things Move in Threes [2007]

Review: Most of you already heard “She’s Got You High” either at the end of 500 Days of Summer or on the radio. Here’s the rest of the album for your listening pleasure. It’s pretty damn good right from the melancholic acoustic guitar and lament in Now and Never till the epic build-up in last track Down Down Down.

Download the album here. OR here if the first link takes too long.

Ramona Falls – Intuit (2009)

Review: No time to write a proper review or choose some interesting lyrics right now, so I’ll be brief. Ramona Falls is a decent indie rock project by a member of Menomena (less experimental) with a few great tracks and a great video. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Favorite tracks: Russia, I Say Fever

Download the album here.

[Short Film] Nuit Blanche (2009)

Directed by Arev Manoukian. Winner of LG’s $100,000 Filmmaking contest. WTFIM? isn’t about film, but it’s posted here because it’s definitely worth 4 minutes of your time.

The American Analog Set – Know by Heart (2001)

You are a book for me to read
Line after line I read on and on
You are a film for me to see
A string of frames that just goes on and on and on

And of all the places that I’ve been
Name after name, it just goes on and on
You are a song for me to sing
A string of verses that goes on and on and on

(Know by Heart)

Review: The American Analog Set is one of the few bands that manages to be simple, but sounds like no other band out there. They’re also one of the few bands I bought real hard-copy CDs of. Most critics complain that after six albums, they still haven’t done anything to their sound. For me, that’s a good thing. “Know by Heart” can be considered as their breakthrough record, combining their post-rock/shoe-gaze/kraut-rock influence with pop sensibilities and memorable songwriting. For the rest of us, AmAnSet weaves long dreamy passages with moving melodies that have a seamless progression. Check out the beautifully done video. (Taken from their fifth album “Promise of Love”)

Favorite Songs: Punk as Fuck, Know by Heart

Get the album downloaded here. (MF)